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Smitten Spotlight: L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Smitten Spotlight: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

Can you believe we're halfway through the year already? Summer is just around the corner but I'm still reminded of Chicago winters everyday when I look down at my hands. Winter is brutal to my skin in general but my hands always seem to get hit the worst. I usually spend all of spring trying to recoop but this year was more difficult than usual. I'd smother on pounds of lotion but my hands would still be dry and cracked by the end of the day. I honestly thought I'd have to live with these sad hands forever until angels sent down this must-have hand cream. L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand Cream is made with 20% organic Shea Butter and that combined with honey, almond extracts, and coconut oil gives you this luxurious hand cream…

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Lipstick Comparison: Is The Higher Price Really Worth It?

When I was younger (and by younger, I mean in college), I only owned one tube of lipstick. I wore it not because I actually liked it but because it was a neutral shade, got the job done, and was dirt cheap. I didn't care about the benefits or if it dried out quickly - all I wanted was a cheap lipstick that would add a little color to my lips. Nowadays, I'm a little more picky. Unlike my college days, I'm making my own money so I'm a lot more thoughtful in deciding what products I'm buying especially if it's going on my face. But that doesn't mean I'm throwing money around like confetti. I'm still frugal where I can be so I like to do my research to make sure that what…

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My Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine

Throughout high school and college, I was lucky enough to not have struggled with any major skin issues. My mom always had great skin so I just chalked it up to genetics and thought I could coast on using the most minimal amount of skincare products to keep my skin healthy looking. My morning routine was always so quick and easy because I only ever used face wash and lotion with SPF. Then I graduated college and all of a sudden, things started changing. My once tiny pores had become huge and noticeable to me, I was going through acne spot treatment tubes like it was my job, and my skin just began to look so so dull and unhealthy. For years, I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing and…

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Smitten Spotlight: Vital Proteins

Smitten Spotlight: Vital Proteins

Every year, I dread winter as I'm sure most people do. I love wearing cozy sweaters and eating all the comfort food that comes with the cold weather, but I hate what it does to my skin and hair! Winter is where my skin and hair usually go to die. USUALLY. This year is different. I've been using my lip scrub once a week to keep these babies nice and soft, and I've gotten a LOT of help from my friends over at Vital Proteins! Who is Vital Proteins, you ask? Vital Proteins is a Chicago-based (whoo!) company that sells collagen products. Except it's not the type of collagen you're thinking! I know your mind probably went to collagen creams and injections, but I'm talking about collagen that you ingest. YES. We are talking…

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DIY Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

Coconut Oil and Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

I've always been super interested in all things beauty but I never thought I was really any good at it. I know the basics like how to make your hair wavy v. curly, how to apply blush so you don't look like a clown, and the best little tricks to hide pesky pimples but lately I've been finding myself researching skincare and hair care a lot more. Why? Because I'm getting older and I'm realizing my skin and hair are never going to be like they were 5 years ago. Not to toot my own horn but I had great hair and great skin in college. I never needed foundation or concealer and my hair stylist would always comment on how healthy my hair was. Okay, toot toot. But now I feel like I…