My Morning Skincare Routine

Morning Skincare Routine

Throughout high school and college, I was lucky enough to not have struggled with any major skin issues. My mom always had great skin so I just chalked it up to genetics and thought I could coast on using the most minimal amount of skincare products to keep my skin healthy looking. My morning routine was always so quick and easy because I only ever used face wash and lotion with SPF. Then I graduated college and all of a sudden, things started changing.

My once tiny pores had become huge and noticeable to me, I was going through acne spot treatment tubes like it was my job, and my skin just began to look so so dull and unhealthy. For years, I thought I could just keep doing what I was doing and cover up any blemishes and problem areas with makeup but it just got worse. Then I realized why my mom had such great skin – it wasn’t all genetics, she had an amazing skincare routine. When I was younger, I genuinely thought all of her skincare products were on the counter solely as decoration. Why would a person buy an expensive, beautiful bottle of toner and actually use it… that’s just silly, right? But it made sense to me now that I was having skincare issues myself.

So after a few years of messing around with different products, I’ve finally nailed down my skincare routine and it has made such a HUGE difference in my skin. I finally love my skin again and wanted to share it with you guys! (Don’t judge my makeup-less face and the flyaways, by the way)

Distressed Denim Top Distressed Denim Top

1. Garnier SkinActive Micellar Water. I LOVE this stuff. I credit a major part of my skincare turnaround to this holy water (and collagen). Micellar water is made up of micelles, and these tiny balls of cleansing molecules attract dirt and oil like a magnet. It’s a gentle formula because these micelles are suspended in soft water so it leaves your skin not only cleansed but hydrated too! All you need to do is put a little bit on a cotton pad and swipe all over your skin. It’s a great all-in-one makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer. It’s also great to throw in your gym bag to get all of that sweat and dirt post-workout off your face. If I ever win an award, micellar water will be included in my thank-yous.

2. Olay Regenerist Cream Cleanser. So this is a somewhat debated topic, but some say that you don’t need to cleanse your face if you use micellar water because micellar water itself is a cleanser. I completely agree that a face cleanser is not necessary in conjunction with micellar water in the morning, but I still use one. My reason: this cream cleanser. Olay’s anti-aging cleanser makes my skin feel so soft. It has these tiny exfoliating beads but the formula doesn’t dry out my skin like most exfoliating cleansers. It also smells amazing and who doesn’t love a little aromatherapy in the morning?

Distressed Denim Top Distressed Denim Top

3. Secret Key Milk Brightening Toner or Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Toner. After cleansing my face, I’ll use a toner. I actually use two different types – one for everyday and one for when I feel some acne coming.

The Milk Brightening Toner is great because it makes my skin glow. It’s also great for those of you who have sensitive skin because this alcohol-free toner is enriched with milk protein extract. It softens dead skin while also moisturizing and firming so that your skin is ready to soak up the next products! The Rapid Clear Toner is pretty self-explanatory. Whenever I feel a blemish starting to form, I swipe some of this on my face. It’s also great if you pick at your acne (guilty) because it helps fade acne scars.

Distressed Denim Top Distressed Denim Top

4. Kinara Flawless Renewal Eye Cream. When life throws a lot at you, people can see the stress in your eyes. I felt like I had really, really tired eyes and wanted to find something to specifically help them. Enter the Kinara eye cream. This cream is collagen boosting and has hydrating goodies like ginseng and honey in the formula. It also helps the skin around your eyes stay more elastic (so less wrinkles!) and helps reduce dark circles and puffiness.

5. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula PO Effector. Remember how I was saying my pores suddenly got huge and noticeable to me? Well, say hello to this pore-shrinking serum. This wonderful serum contains Houttuynia Cordata Extracts that help to purify your skin and reverse signs of aging. I also love this stuff because it feels super light on skin, which is important to me because I don’t like feeling like there’s a ton of stuff on my face.

Once I’ve applied these creams and serums to my face, I’ll finish off with some trust SPF face lotion and continue with my makeup routine!

Is there anything else you guys use in your skincare routine?


  • Reply Jessica February 6, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Gosh I feel like every season I have a new skin care routine as my face changes with the weather 🙂 I love your face cleaner because its my go to!!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    • Reply Min February 7, 2017 at 8:37 am

      I completely agree! It’s taken me forever to find and stick to a routine but I love this one! And the face wash is AMAZING!!

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